Monday, February 4, 2013

Clipart Junkie and a FREEBIE

Yes...I'm admiting it.  I'm becoming a clipart junkie!  I just can't seem to get that's why during yesterday's TpT sale, I bought some more...I think I need help!

I didn't just buy clipart this weekend, I also made a cute opposite matching card set for Valentine's Day.

They turned out SUPER cute.  Click on the cover picture to check them out for yourself!
Did you notice our awesome new font?? Big time kudos goes out to Christi Fultz from Mrs. Fultz's corner....I watched her you tube video on how to install a custom font and only was half successful.  Never fear, I emailed her asking for some help and it worked!!!  That lady is a genius!   I have a love/hate relationship with this blog, and at the moment I emailed her, it was definitely in a hate me!
Here is also some of our other Valentine's Day resourses if you need something new for your students...

See? Just like I relationship...these pictures don't want to cooperate!!!
Here's today Valentine's Day on the picture to enjoy!

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