Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We're Having a Super Bowl Sunday Sale!

Yep, that's right!  This Sunday, February 3rd, we're having 20% off most of our products!!  Click on the picture to check it out THIS Sunday!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I just LOVE giveaways!!! There's a FREEBIE in this post too...

Here's another giveaway we are a part of.  Click on the giveaway button to enter!  This time we're giving away our Valentine Chocolate Addition Boxes which are precious (if I do say so myself!)

I mean, how cute are they???
Click on the picture to see for yourself!!  Or go over to Mrs. McC's Milestone giveaway and try to win it!
 Now, time for your Valentine's Day Freebie!  It's a really cute emergent reader called, "Who Will Be My Valentine?"  Click on the picture to get yours!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wow, what a giveaway!!

I haven't checked my email for awhile and when I did I saw an email from Mrs Fultz's Corner...she is celebrating her 1st year blogging and it's a FANTASTIC giveaway!! Run over and check it out for yourself!!

It's a doozie!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Groundhog's Day FREEBIE

Based on the weather we've seen here in West Virginia (and I read a snippit of the almanac), I have a sneaky feeling when the groundhog comes out on February 2nd, he's gonna see his shadow and go right back in his burrow.  Which means, six more weeks of winter...UGH!

So I created this freebie based on my hunch...blame it on the goundhog!  Click on the picture to get yours!

If you like the look of this paper, check out the activities that go along with it...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I actually used something I made.....

I was extremely proud of myself today!  I acutally used something I made for our TpT store....and of course, I forgot to take pictures!  Since coming back from holiday break, we've been practicing our number/color words.  So today, I put a list of color words in my pocket chart and my class wrote the words on the lines of the MLK Jr paper I created.  I'm going to display them outside in our hallway with the header..."We are ALL the same!".  Like?  I liked it too!  If you haven't already downloaded this FREE MLK jr paper, click on the picture to grab yours.

One of the Christmas freebies I created, Count, Tally & Graph, was downloaded quite a few times, so I decided to create a Valentine's Day version.  It's not free but it's still a steal!  Click on the picture to check it's a doozie!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh It's Monday....

I hate rainy Monday mornings!  The only highlight of this day is Classroom Freebies.  I love going through all the free posts.  I've gotten the best freebies over the last few months.  Don't forget to check out Classroom Freebies Too....I downloaded the best heart dice just last night.

Here's our Monday freebie.....Penguin Tic Tac Toe...something fun for your winter/Artic unit!

Click on the picture to download yours!!

PS:  Starting on January 16th and running through January 20th, Mrs. McLaren's Little Super Stars is having a big 27 piece giveaway.  And guess who is giving away their Snowflake Sounds Set??  You guessed!!

Click on the picture to check it out!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time for a new FREEBIE

I don't know about anybody else in the giveaway world...but I've been signing up to donate products from out TpT store for a lot of different giveaways and I typically choose different items depending on the time of year.  Which leads me to forget what I said I'd give in the giveaway!! Well I solved that problem yesterday.  I created a sheet so I can write the information down as I agree to give away products.  Click on the picture to get your copy!  Hope it helps you too!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's Blog Hopping Day!!

Click on the picture to go back to the linky page.

This is Michelle from Inspired By Kindergarten and I am so excited to be guest blogging on Krazy in Love with Kindergarten!

My kiddos are heading back to school on Monday and we'll be discussing the beginning of a new year!

We'll be singing our favorite months of the year song from Harry Kindergarten.

We'll also be making a months of the year flip flap book.   The kids will color it and cut it so their flip flap book slowly reveals the new year as they sing the song and flip their flaps!

The outside looks like this:

And the inside looks like this:

If you're interested in your free copy click HERE.

I hope 2013 in your classroom is healthy, happy & productive!

Michelle Rist

Now hope on over to Fun and Fearless in First where I guest blogged.

Have a great trip!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

We're in A HUGE Giveaway!

Not only are we guest blogging this weekend, we're a part of a huge giveaway!!  Nerissa Reddick of Backpacks and Snafus is having a great giveaway to celebrate having 100 followers.  Did I mention it's a huge giveaway?

Click on the link to check it out!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guest Blog Hop

I am excited to tell everyone, we’re going to be a part of a 60 person blog hop this weekend!!  It’s my first one, so I hope my guest blogger and my host blogger are very patient!

And..we have our blog button!! Thank you Susan from Between Naps on the Porch!  She blogged once about how to create a blog button with a grab box and offered to create your code if you couldn’t get yours to work.  I emailed her last night and pasted the code she created into my blog template and it works!!! I’m so happy! It’s a big button, I know, but I don’t care at this point.  I tried creating that code for DAYS with no success, so thanks again Susan!!