Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Pain of Magnet Letters...Solved!

I am super super picky about my classroom centers, especially magnet centers.  I have purchased many cvc word building magnet centers in the past and I would like my kiddos to build and see all the words on the card at once, but nope, no such luck, my students always have to reuse letters on the same card and it drives me bonkers! Possible solutions:  buy more magnet letters so they have like a zallion to sort   sort the magnet letters and stack each bag accordingly.....did that once, took me forever and it only lasted through 2 center rotations out of 4....never again...make my own CVC word cards exactly the way I want them.....YES!  And here they are!!

I know, I know...if you're as picky as I am, it's a big deal, right??  If you go to our TPT store and purchase this set, email me at and I will send you a FREE item in our store (excluding our K-5 Interactive Spelling notebook).

Happy Shoppin!!