Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Long time, no blog!

It's been forever since I blogged about new products!  Starting a new school year is so time consuming.  I did find some time to create some super easy, super cute Halloween centers.  I created some Halloween Sentence Puzzles, which I love.

I created and added 1-10 Halloween (3-piece) Math Puzzles.  Can you tell I really love puzzles??

And the every popular creative writing sheets.

As I was added these new Halloween products, I realized, we have a lot of Halloween stuff.  So I decided to bundle every Halloween item in our store and sell it for one price.

It's a pretty big bundle, one I'm really happy with.  Since I'm so happy, I'm putting it on sale for the next 10 days!  This 70 page center set is regularly priced at $10.00, for the next 10 days, it's been lowered to $8.00!!!  Happy Halloween early!

PS:  Here's a FREE sample of our Halloween Writing Sheets for you to preview!