Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guest Blog Hop

I am excited to tell everyone, we’re going to be a part of a 60 person blog hop this weekend!!  It’s my first one, so I hope my guest blogger and my host blogger are very patient!

And..we have our blog button!! Thank you Susan from Between Naps on the Porch!  She blogged once about how to create a blog button with a grab box and offered to create your code if you couldn’t get yours to work.  I emailed her last night and pasted the code she created into my blog template and it works!!! I’m so happy! It’s a big button, I know, but I don’t care at this point.  I tried creating that code for DAYS with no success, so thanks again Susan!!


  1. Hi! Michelle from Inspired By Kindergarten here! I'm your guest blogger for Saturday! I sent you an e-mail with the post. Let me know if you got it and if all the links are working properly! Can't wait for Saturday!

  2. I did get the post, thank you! I'm excited for Saturday too!

  3. I found you while blog hopping and would like to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award - given by bloggers to bloggers to acknowledge and encourage. Yours is cute :) If you follow the link below you can read the rules and follow the tradition. It may not be quite active yet so try again if not.