Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I actually used something I made.....

I was extremely proud of myself today!  I acutally used something I made for our TpT store....and of course, I forgot to take pictures!  Since coming back from holiday break, we've been practicing our number/color words.  So today, I put a list of color words in my pocket chart and my class wrote the words on the lines of the MLK Jr paper I created.  I'm going to display them outside in our hallway with the header..."We are ALL the same!".  Like?  I liked it too!  If you haven't already downloaded this FREE MLK jr paper, click on the picture to grab yours.

One of the Christmas freebies I created, Count, Tally & Graph, was downloaded quite a few times, so I decided to create a Valentine's Day version.  It's not free but it's still a steal!  Click on the picture to check it's a doozie!

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