Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 weeks and a FREEBIE!

Every time I hear the words "2 weeks" I think of the movie The Money Pit...the answer to every question ends up being "2 weeks".  So when I started thinking about Mother's Day projects for my classroom this weekend...guess what? "2 weeks" is my answer!  Yep, it's 2 weeks away.  I typically do something different each year depending on what I find out there in the craft/internet world.  One thing I know I'm having my class work on is a card from our Mother's Day Card packet.  Click on the picture to check it out. Super cheap and easy, with 20 students this year, that's been my goal when it comes to crafting.

Since Mother's Day is only "2 weeks" away, I've created a great FREEBIE for you!  It's a set of 4 Mother's Day writing papers to use however you need.  Click on the picture to download your copy from our TpT store.  Enjoy!!